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Designing, Making, Creating & Organizing Beautiful Interiors that function.

Hi I’m Michelle the owner and creator at MG INTERIORS.

I love to get my hands dirty and delve into projects that bring quality work to your space, helping you create and build what you want to achieve with your home.

Through design, organization, and lots of thought, great spaces are created that suit your taste. I can help you put individualized systems into place to make your lifestyle flow that little bit easier. 

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MG INTERIORS provides highly personalized services designed to meet the needs of our clients. We bring creativity and professionalism to everything we do. Please contact us to find out more or get a free consultation. 

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Organization in the home has always been a thing for me, everything has a home and its amazing how just the smallest of changes can ease your stress.

Woodwork didnt happened till years later, first i discovered my love for revitalizing drab outdated interiors when my husband and I purchased our first home. I enjoyed refreshing older pieces that still had some life left in them, helping those pieces turn into something more original to fit our new space. Then when we moved again and we actually had to basically renovate our whole house is when i got the chance to go head first into projects, wood work and interior design.

Now that both my girls are in school full time, i am excited to bring the insight i have gained into design and organization to the homes of others. 

I have established a reputation for delivering innovative solutions and designs even with the most limited resources. I have worked with a diverse range of clients implementing solutions that support their individual needs and budgets. I strive to make the vision you have for your space a reality.

I believe that interior design and organization can enhance your lifestyle in multiple ways.

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